It's True what they say about Truth Coffee

Posted by Pepi on Tue September 8, 2015.

Blog written by Pepi Kdn
Truth Coffee, Cape Town

When I heard that a coffee house in Cape Town has been voted the BEST in the world, I had to go and see for myself. When I walked in, I was immediately blown away by the atmosphere, the punk vibe and the smell of my addiction. The Daily Telegraph and Gaurdian Newspapers were not exagerating when they voted Truth the best in the world. But I think they should totally vote it as the coolest too. 

And their food!!!! So delicious, so affordable and even a local will go eat there. That is saying a lot. 

They also have a night market which offers everything from vintage threads to locally produced clothing, jewellery and accessories, designer shoes and swimwear, bric and brac and vinyls.

A def must see for any Cape Town visitors.