About your hosts

About your hosts

Management at Sundown Manor

Gary is the manager and owner of Sundown Manor and, with the help of an excellent additional manager, works to ensure that your stay in Cape Town will be memorable. He is on hand for advice on the best Cape Town restaurants as well as the various day trips and activities that are available. He and his family live on site which ensures that guests are always looked after.

Before beginning to remodel the private house that became Sundown Manor, Gary lived in Zimbabwe. He went to Prince Edward School, was in the Army and received his Tobacco Diploma from Blackfordby Agricultural College before farming in the Trelawney / Darwindale area of Mashonaland, Zimbabwe. His links to this country show in his continued support of the Zimbabwean Cricket team, who memorably beat Australia in the 2007 20/20 series, and in the guesthouses' support for the plight of the elderly in this beleaguered African Nation.

Felicity is Gary's wife and she manages a successful business which specializes in importing tires, primarily from Asian nations. She and Gary are long distance runners and plan to run the Two Oceans Half Marathon this year.

Gary's daughter Amy a student at the University of Cape Town and is writing a thesis for her Masters Degree in Development Studies and her specialty is Microfinance. Brett is the younger sibling and although he lives at the guesthouse, is rarely seen as he is kept busy by his current work as a counselor, having just completed his four year psychology degree.

Enviromental Responsibility


A recent addition to the guesthouse has been our Worm Factory. This fantastic system will see the disposal of all of our biodegradable household waste fed to our hard working worms who convert this into very rich garden soil and a liquid fertiliser. This system is better then decomposition as there is no odour and there is a decreased amount of release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

For more information on the Worm Factory, or to purchase one of your own please visit:-
www.reln.com.au or email sales@reln.com.au
Or visit www.fullcycle.co.za for South Africa.


As part of our commitment to the environment, we use in each of our guest & private rooms, low flow shower heads. The low-flow system though still provides a fantastic shower experience, but we have managed to reduce our water consumption by more than half.


As much as possible we would like to have a reduced Carbon Footprint on our environment, this means trying to reduce water and electricity consumption (amongst other things). Each time we wash towels, we also tumble dry and although guests may have clean, fresh, white bath towels twice a day, we ask each person to join with us & keep towels usage to a minimum.


We are constantly looking for ways to become more “green” and currently are trialling detergent-free washing. Using “washing balls” which use a magnetic charge together with ceramic technology to clean clothes & linens without the need for detergent. We are also looking at different ranges of eco-friendly, effective cleaning agents for the rest of the household cleaning jobs. Better for the environment, for us, for our great staff and of course, for you.